The Inspired - Super 40

The Inspired – Super 40

The Inspired - Super 40

With this program, our foundation is going to identify 40 students from early 9th grade with the following qualities from multiple villages from Andhra and Telangana States, India.

  • Who are really needy, under privileged
  • Whose weapon can be Education
  • Whose dreams regards to their goals are high
  • Who are self disciplined and ready to take up anything which will change their lives
  • Who has strong will power
  • Who has great Attitude in taking and giving…………….

We try to provide good educational options via reputed private institutions in Kodad town, Suryapet Dist., Telangana state. These students will be part of 4 years term till 12th grade. The foundation will take complete responsibility of all their needs like food, education, books, fee and health care.

With your support we strongly believe that “Our Super  40” in never less than any corporate student in any aspect. On completion of these 4 years we take these students to the next level to make their dreams come true and come out with the rainbow colours and lead a happy and prosperous life.

We strongly believe that our foundation is trying to embrace the villages through the students and tries to build a magnificent society with Knowledge, Value, Attitude with the slogan

Help Society Help Yourselves!