This program was created to aim the aspiring students who want to achieve their dreams with the help of Sahaya Nestham Society. We have chosen a government college “KRR Government Arts & Science College” in Kodad mandal, Suryapet Dist, Telangana. It is one of the oldest colleges in Telangana. It is an institute of reputation and rank. Erstwhile students of this college are holding good positions in both private and government sectors.

Why KRR Government College?

Many Civil Services Officers (IAS & IPS) have studied in this institute. Apart from this, on average every year seven hundred students study in this prestigious institution. One notable thing is that 95 % percent of students are from poor & rural background.

KRR Govt. Arts & Science College

Even though they have good talents, their poverty and rural background have become hurdles in their way to settle their life after graduation. It is also because of lack of facilities, low motivation, poor usage of contemporary technologies and lack of guidance. Many talented girl students are discontinuing their studies because of one of the above causes.

What Sahaya Nestham Society does?

In order to overcome all these problems and make the good students start their career immediately after graduation in any degree, Sahaya Nestam Society is taking an initiative and selects few talented and disciplined students from poor rural background who have academic excellence and adopts them for three years. Their college tuition fees and other fees are taken care along with free coaching is given for various entrance exams and competitive exams on daily basis.

The society arranges qualified and experienced faculty for all subjects of various competitive exams. Everyday before the regular classes and after completion of the college classes coaching for the competitive exams is run.

As a result, they may achieve ranks and seats in the higher studies courses in prestigious universities or they may be able to crack one or other competitive exams.

This endeavor will help the poor students with academic excellence to complete their degree with necessary competitive skills. The aim of the society is to improve life skills of BPL rural students, employability skills and produce good citizens for the country. It aims at producing Central Civil Servants(IAS, IPS), State Civil Servants (RDO, DSP), gazetted officers and good professors. This act will also inculcate social service inclination in the minds of the students and will make them responsible citizens.